The Principles of design

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A seven-part poster series designed to display the design principles. This set has been created in Sketch and includes fully layered vector files for each poster ready to use or edit.


  • Print Ready
  • Well Labeled and Organised Layers
  • Fully Editable and Customisation
  • Easy to Use
  • Free Font Used

The design principles form the tools we use to make art; the topics displayed in this project are:

Rhythm/Movement: The use of recurring elements to direct the eye's movement through the artwork. There are five kinds of rhythm: random, regular, alternating, progressive, and flowing—the way the elements are organised to lead the eye to the focal area. Movement can be directed for example, along edges and by utilising shape and colour.

Harmony: The arrangement of elements gives the viewer the feeling that all the parts of the piece form a coherent whole.

Proportion/Scale: The relationship between objects concerning size, number, and so on, including the relation between parts of a whole.

Balance: A feeling of balance results when the design elements are arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically to create the impression of equality in weight or importance.

Emphasis: Particular attention/importance given to one part of a work of art (for example, a dark shape in a light composition). Emphasis can be achieved through placement, contrast, colour, size and repetition.

Contrast: The juxtaposition of different design elements (for example, rough and smooth textures, dark and light values) to highlight their differences and/or create visual interest, or a focal point.

Pattern: A regular arrangement of altered or repeated elements (shapes, lines, colours) or motifs.

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