The Elements of design

File Type: Sketch, PNG, JPG, SVG
File Size: 10.53 MB
Colour Space: RGB
Additions: Vector, Layered

A seven-part poster series designed to display the design elements. This set has been created in Sketch and includes fully layered vector files for each poster ready to use or edit.


  • Print Ready
  • Well Labeled and Organised Layers
  • Fully Editable and Customisation
  • Easy to Use
  • Free Font Used

The design elements form the tools we use to make art; the topics displayed in this project are:

Line: Horizontal, verticle, diagonal, straight, curved, dotted, broken, thick and thin.

Shape: 2d (two dimensional)/flat geometric (square, circles, oval, triangle) organic (all other forms)

Form: 3d (three dimensional) geometric (cube, sphere, cone) organic (all other forms such as people, animals, tables, chairs, etc.)

Colour: Refers to the wavelengths of light related to hue, value (lightness/darkness), intensity (saturation, or amount of pigment), and temperature (warm and cold) relates to tint, tone and shade

Texture: The feel, appearance, thickness or stickiness of a surface (for example: smooth, rough, silky, furry)

Space: The area around, within, or between images or parts of an image relates to perspective positive and negative space

Value: The darkness or lightness of a colour. White added to a tone makes it tint. Black added to a tone makes it a shade.

Enhance your next project with these uniquely styled posters!


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