Magical icon pack

File Type: PNG, SVG, .Ai (Adobe Illustrator)
File Size: 1.52 MB
Colour Space: RGB
Additions: Vector, Layered

We aimed to capture a sense of magic with this icon set. Touching on unicorns, fairytale castles, enchanted witches, wizards and good vibes. With this in our mindset, we worked with a talented designer to create this set of iconography. 

Boasting a distinct line style, this set has been constructed in a fully editable and flexible way. Enabling any designer or creative to use as is, or tweak as needed. 

Within this set, you'll find icons of:

  • Wizards hat
  • Witches hat
  • Full body Unicorn
  • Unicorn head
  • Shooting star
  • Rainbow cloud
  • Love heart
  • Fairy Castle
  • Energy ball
  • Gem

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