Instagram Portfolio - 9 Part grid series - part 3

File Type: PSD (Adobe Photoshop)
File Size: 213.66 MB
Colour Space: RGB
Additions: Vector, Layered

Show off your stunning designs with this flexible Instagram portfolio template. This 9 series grid has been created to empower designers to start creatively promoting their design process and finished work in an interesting and dynamic way through Instagram.

The original design portfolio consisted of pristine prints enclosed in a sleek black case. As the digital space grew we saw a shift to Indesign PDF’s attached to well-worded emails. Moving forward our design promotion switched to dynamic portfolio websites, where we spent countless hours manicuring beautiful folio pieces. With the rise of social media and in particular Instagram, we now have the unique opportunity to share our design progress and finished art to a direct audience.

Created in Adobe Photoshop, this template is fully layered, sliced and ready to use. Simply replace layers with your projects and start posting to the gram!


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